Our organisational policies

The CCGs have a range of plans, publications and policies that provide information about our organisations and help to provide assurance that we are meeting our statutory duties as a public service.

Links to the documents are arranged in relation to specific questions to try and make it easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for.

You can also visit our Document Store, where you will find our documents categorised in folders.


Who are we and what do we do?

  • Central Lancashire Local Delivery Plan - Outlines the work of the Local Delivery Plan, a Lancashire-wide document developed in conjunction with partners across Central Lancashire, seting out our framework for delivering improvements across health and social care for our local population.
  • Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria - sustainability and transformation plan - The regional plan to help people in the area to be healthier, enhance care quality across the region and put health and care services on a sustainable footing.
  • Out Of Hospital Strategy* - This strategy sets out our vision for out of hospital care in Chorley, South Ribble and Greater Preston.
  • Capital Development and Estates Strategy (Primary Care) - This strategy is an essential element of our ability to develop sustainable primary care services that are fit for the future. *Please note, this strategy is currently being refreshed.
  • Summary of principles for the commissioning of health and healthcare - Sets out the principles that have been adopted Lancashire-wide for the commissioning of health and healthcare.
  • Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Board - how we work in a structured way across the health and social care economy, and work with partners to prevent ill health
  • Meet the Governing Bodies - Gives details of the members of our Governing Body and our senior management team.
  • Contact us - Gives information on all the ways you can get in touch with us.


What do we spend and how do we spend it?


What are our priorities and how are we doing?


How do we make decisions?


How do we prove that we are managing the organisation in an ethical and responsible way?


How do we make sure we are meeting our equality and diversity obligations, and looking after people?


What services do we offer?


What are my rights as a patient?

  • NHS Constitution - Outlines your rights and also your responsibility as a patient using NHS services.