Covid-19 vaccination programme update

More people will begin to receive an invitation for a Covid-19 vaccination from today now that the majority of those within the top 4 priority cohorts have received theirs.

If you are aged 65-69 (cohort 5) you will be invited to book an appointment at one of the regional vaccination centres or a pharmacy service. Local vaccination services, run by groups of GP practices will focus on inviting those aged 16-64 who are at greater risk from Covid-19 (cohort 6) to the local clinics.


Cohort 5:

If you are aged 65-69 and you haven’t already got an appointment at a local clinic you will receive a letter inviting you to book at one of the regional centres. There are multiple venues across Lancashire with one opening in Preston later this week too. Please don’t worry if you or your family member is housebound, or unable to get to one of these regional centres – contact your GP and they will organise for you to receive a vaccination locally.


Cohort 6:

If you are aged 16-64 with an underlying health condition that puts you at greater risk or are listed on your own medical record as the carer of someone who is at greater risk, you will be contacted by your GP practice to invite you for your vaccine when they have one for you. Please don’t worry if you don’t get a call straight away as there are lots of people within this cohort and it will take some time to vaccinate everyone. You will be contacted as soon as practically possible.