Stay safe in your pharmacy by knowing what to expect

Following the recent campaign, 'Care for your pharmacy so your pharmacy can care for you', Community Pharmacy Lancashire are issuing guidance to those attending pharmacies as the current lockdown restrictions begin to ease.


Pharmacy teams are under intense pressure at the moment, working on the front line of the health service often without any protection for their own health.


To help pharmacies to cope under the increasing pressure, Community Pharmacy Lancashire is remindiing patients and members of the public of the steps being taken to work safely by:


Opening when you need them

The majority of pharmacies in Lancashire are currently back to normal opening hours but it is important to check with your usual pharmacy before attending to be sure.

Your prescription might be sent directly to the pharmacy electronically by your surgery. If this is new for you, just ask your local pharmacy team who will be happy to advise and offer further information regarding the changes. 



Providing the care you need

Pharmacies have not stopped supplying and selling medicines and the majority of pharmacies in Lancashire can now offer their usual, wide range of other services. 

This includes support with minor ailments, long term conditions and also flu vaccinations this autumn. 

Always be sure to check with your pharmacy regarding the services they provide before attending. 



Working with social distancing

You may notice some changes when you visit your usual pharmacy for the first time. It may feel strange but the measures are in place to keep everybody safe. 

If you have been shielding, you may feel nervousor anxious about attending however we have made arrangements so that it is still possible to observe social distancing when you visit us. 




Stay safe in your pharmacy by knowing what to expect, female pharmacist, close up of vaccination, image of face covering


At these times, Community Pharmacy Lancashire reminds us to care for your pharmacy so that your pharmacy can care for you.


We are still in this together. We will get through this together.


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