Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Groups (also known as PPGs) are a way for GP practices and their patients to work together to review opportunities, comments and suggestions about the way services are provided.

This could involve making recommendations about services and facilities within an individual GP practice, or providing joint feedback about other health and social care services.  PPGs can also help to support the introduction of new services.

PPGs can be set up using a variety of methods and structures, with the practices and their patients making the decision as to what works best for them.  This may involve patients meeting with their practice regularly face-to-face, or communicating 'virtually' via email.

Ideally, each PPG will involve a group of patients from a range of different ages and backgrounds.

PPGs can play a number of roles, including:

  • Advising the GP practice on patient views
  • Communicating with other patients
  • Collecting the views of patients, carers and the families who use the practice
  • Influencing the practice to improve commissioning
  • Influencing the wider NHS to improve commissioning
  • Running support groups
  • Organising health promotion events
  • Fundraising to improve the services provided by the practice

Join a PPG

To join a PPG, please contact your GP practice. You can do this by using the links on our GP practices page

You can also visit the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) for further information.