Who we are and what we do

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Who we are

As CCGs, we plan, organise and buy a range of healthcare services for people living across our region. It is our responsibility to ensure the services we arrange are safe, clincially and financially effective and of the highest possible quality. The combined population we cover is approximately 395,260 patients (January 2019). 

We are part of the NHS but we are also run by local healthcare professionals such as family doctors, hospital doctors and nurses. We are also a member organisation, made up of all of the 30 GP practices in Chorley and South Ribble and 25 GP practices in Greater Preston.

As of April 2015, the CCG’s assumed ‘delegated responsibility’ from NHS England for commissioning GP primary care services. This allows the CCG’s to give patients, communities and clinicians more scope in deciding how local services are developed. Dentist, pharmacy, optician services, as well as some specialist services, are purchased by NHS England.

In addition to this, we also work closely with local councils and voluntary, community and faith sector organisations in all three areas to ensure health services are joined up with social care services, to improve the health and wellbeing of our local people.

This partnership is known as the Integrated Care Partnership and is one of five working across Lancashire and South Cumbria.


What we do

Specifically, the CCGs will carry out the following activities relating to primary (medical) care services in Chorley, South Ribble and Greater Preston:

  • Planning (including needs assessment)
  • Undertaking reviews
  • Co-ordinating a common approach to commissioning
  • Managing the budget

The services we buy for patients include:

  • Planned hospital treatment, diagnostic tests and appointments
  • Urgent or emergency care
  • Community health services, such as specialist or district nurses, speech and language therapy or rehabilitation
  • Mental health services
  • Maternity and newborn services
  • Children’s healthcare services
  • Services for people with learning disabilities

Our current priorities are to improve healthcare in the following areas:

  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Cancer
  • Mental health
  • Dementia
  • Long term conditions (such as diabetes)
  • End of life care

We are also aiming to make improvements in the following healthcare areas:

  • Prescribing and medications
  • Hospital-based care
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Community-based care


Our vision, values and objectives

Our vision is to ensure equal and fair access to safe, effective and responsive health and social care for our communities that represent value – now and in the future.

Our values, which are at the heart of everything we do, are:

  • TO ACT


Our aims 

  • To be open and accountable to our patients, their carers and the local community
  • To be professional and honest
  • To work in partnership with others to achieve our goals
  • To listen and learn, and be willing to change based on what we hear
  • To respect and care for our staff, the people we work with and our local community
  • To protect and invest the public funds that are given to us in a well-managed way


Our strategic objectives

  • Improve quality through more effective, safe services which deliver better patient experience and outcomes
  • Commission integrated care, ensuring an appropriate balance between in-hospital and out-of-hospital provision
  • Help engineer a financially sustainable health economy
  • Ensure patients are at the centre of the planning and management of their own care and that their voices are heard
  • Be a well-run clinical commissioning group and system leader.